12 Tips for Getting your Training Back on Track

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that gyms are full in January, and almost empty for the rest of the year. Rather than shelling out an expensive membership fee and then never using it, here are a few tips for you to keep on track.

  1. Find Someone to Train With There are people out there who are equally as motivated as you and just want someone to keep them on track. Find that training buddy and support each other.

  2. Train with Someone New Not all training buddies will be as reliable as you first thought – that’s OK! Find someone else – someone who shares similar goals or that you can trust to push you and cheer you on.

  3. Use Rewards and Penalties Whether positive or negative reinforcement helps you stay on track, this is a great way of making sure you reach your goals. Donate money to a charity (a punishment that helps others!) or treat yourself to new clothes or a minibreak.

  4. Find a Gym that you Like Don’t get stuck going to the same machines, bumping into the same people or just going through the motions. A change of scenery might be all you need.

  5. Get Medical Advice Have a physical check-up just to make sure you can reach you goals without any health concerns.

  6. Sign Up to an Event Whether it’s a community park run, a fun obstacle course or a giant Zumba event, working out with other people is fun – and gives you something to work towards.

  7. Get Help from the Net Facebook, Instagram and other top social media sites are full of support groups – just join, follow and keep in touch with other people like you.

  8. Get Family and Friend Support Tell your husband, wife, kids, and friends about your fitness plans – they’ll respect your space and act as your motivators too.

  9. Write Down your Workout Plan Don’t improvise your workout. Have a plan and see it through.This way you can track your progress and find a workout that’s right for you.

  10. Get a Personal Trainer Getting expert advice can be the best way of making sure you hit your targets. A tailor-made workout can ensure great progress.

  11. Stick to your Workout Time Get your training out of the way in the morning if you can. However, if it’s only possible to train after work, make sure that you stick to it. No excuses!

  12. Take Progress Pics Don’t always trust the scale. Seeing a difference in your body between those before and after pictures can be a great motivator.

So, what are you waiting for? You know what to do – get out there and reach those fitness goals!

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