20 Signs you Should Dump your Personal Trainer

First of all, congratulations on asking for help from a personal trainer. If you’ve struggled with motivation for a long time or just feel unsure how to train, a PT is a great way to get started.

However, some people find that once they’ve signed up to PT sessions, it isn’t the positive experience they first hoped for. Have you been training for two months with little or no change in your body or your fitness? Perhaps it your diet, but it could also be your trainer. So, here are 20 signs it’s time to ditch your current PT and get a new one:

  1. They Make Everything So Complicated If your trainer is using long words or terms that you don’t understand this is a sure sign that they either don’t know what they’re talking about, or they don’t have the ability to work simply and professionally. If you don’t get what they’re talking about no matter how many times you ask – it’s time to get rid of them and find a new one in Chatswood!

  2. They Only Help You During your One Hour Session There are 168 hours in a week, and if your PT is only helping you reach your goals for the ONE hour that you see them, then you’re definitely not getting your money’s worth.

Whilst the one-hour training with your trainer will assist you with reaching your target, they should also be giving you pointers for what to do the rest of the time you are away from the gym. By telling you what you can do for the rest of the week, they are guiding you toward success.

  1. There Is No Record of your Sessions If your trainer keeps a physical record of your workouts (whether this is digital or on paper) then you’ve got a good one! If your trainer doesn’t make any notes during the session, doesn’t tell you about your next steps, and doesn’t note down number of reps or weights you’re training with then you should – that’s right – ditch them!

Every good personal trainer will be able to make a training schedule that progresses and changes as you progress, and that works for you.

  1. They Only Use Tabata Although Tabata might sound like a spicy sauce, it definitely is not! It’s a specific type of high intensity training, in other words: 20 seconds of flat-out exercise, and 10 seconds of rest over the space of 4 minutes.

While Tabata is a great way of burning extra calories, building stamina and improving your cardio fitness, it shouldn’t be done all the time. If you find every session is like this, find a new PT.

  1. They Keep Checking Their Phone During a Session The rare emergency phone call in the middle of your session may be unavoidable. However, when your trainer is not focusing on you and is answering texts, calls or constantly posting on Instagram then this is clearly very unprofessional.

When you’re paying for their time and expertise, you should have their full attention. Not only because it’s what you’re paying for, but it’s also much safer.

  1. They Just Track Your Reps If your PT is just counting your reps, it’s time to get rid of them. You can count the reps yourself – you’re not paying a trainer to do it! What they should be doing is motivating you, constantly checking your form and training you. It’s in the job title after all.

  2. They Teach Idiotic Exercises You shouldn’t be doing stupid exercises such as kipping dips which can mess with your rotator cuffs and add pressure to your upper body without using correct form.

There will probably be exercises that you can’t do, but make sure they’re legit and build up your strength so that you can do them properly and with correct form.

  1. You Train for 25% of The Time, They Talk for 75% A quick chat in between sets is fine, but if the majority of your session is spent talking and not training, then your PT is wasting your time.

Of course, talking is part of the job and you might have questions you want your PT to answer. However, if you find that you’re cooling down during a 5-minute explanation, it’s time for a new trainer.

  1. They Don’t Try to Teach You Anything Your personal trainer should be teaching you while you train. They should be pointing you towards websites, published materials, blogs and vlogs that could help you.

Educating yourself through your trainer’s recommendations is essential for your progress. You should want, not need your trainer.

  1. It All Feels a Bit Improvised If your trainer shows up for your session and has no structure, no progress plan and is hesitating all the time about which exercise to do next, that’s not a good sign.

Planning is one of the most important parts of your training program, and if your trainer is making it up as they go, then it’ll be really hard for you to reach your fitness goals.

  1. You Feel Like You Always Just Do Cardio You’re not paying someone to watch you run on a treadmill.

Your session should be filled with techniques that help you with strength and conditioning. You should be learning about new exercises that can help you. Cardio can be done on the other days of the week when you don’t have you PT session.

  1. They Enjoy your Soreness Your personal trainer should not be happy when you complain that you’re constantly in pain and seem to get a kick out of it. Whilst Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness is normal after training a new muscle or pushing yourself extra hard, it is NOT an essential part of your workout.

If you’re sore after every single workout and your PT enjoys that fact, dump them!

  1. They Don’t Take Their Own Advice We’re not saying that your PT needs to be a fitness model, but they should at least train and eat the way that they’re telling YOU to train and eat. If they’re not practicing what they preach, how are they qualified to give you advice?

  2. There Is No Focus on Nutrition Your trainer should be encouraging you to concentrate on nutrition and sleep as much as your workouts. Nobody should say that their training sessions mean that they can eat whatever they want.

When you want to see and feel results, then you should be focusing on what goes into your body as well.

  1. They Use the Phrase “No Pain, No Gain” If you are in extreme pain during your workouts, then your trainer needs to go.

Whilst it is normal to feel the pressure when trying out a new exercise, or experience a bit of soreness after a training session, you certainly shouldn’t constantly be in pain.

  1. They Believe There is Only ONE Way to do Things Everybody learns differently, and therefore everybody progresses differently. If your trainer is recycling workouts between different clients, get rid of them.

There is not just one method for working one muscle, and you trainer should be able to give you a variety of workouts to reach your potential.

  1. They are Always Whining about Something Your session should be all about you. After, all, you’re paying for it. If your trainer constantly complains about things then this is negative energy that you don’t need and it’s time to let them go.

  2. They Rely on the Scales to Check Progress Any trainer worth their salt should be measuring their client at the first session, noting it down, then checking measurements every month. The scale doesn’t always show progress, and keeping track of your measurements will help monitor your progress a lot better.

  3. They ThinkTaking Courses are a Waste of Time Your trainer should always be trying to better themselves and improve their knowledge. Whether this is meeting up with other trainers to share techniques, going to fitness conferences or even reading a few relevant books – all of these things help improve their knowledge.

A top-qualitypersonal trainer in Chatswood will always want to educate themselves about the most effective ways for helping you hit your target.

  1. You Can’t See or Feel Results If you’re not sticking to your nutrition plan, then this might be your fault (!)

However, if you feel like you’re doing everything that you should be and still not getting the results that you deserve, then it could well be your trainer’s fault.

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