5 Food Hacks to Get Lean

What can be done to maintain a diet that reduces body fat? It's one of our main focuses when we work with people. If you are yo-yoing up and down, losing weight then gaining it back again, then this might be for you!

So we can agree that eating more calories than we require makes us gain weight. When we reduce our calorie intake, we have to sacrifice something. And when we gain it all back, we are consuming what have sacrificed, in excess.

Replacing the foods you love and crave with lower calorie alternatives may be the best strategy for making a diet more sustainable and key to permanent fat loss.

So I've compiled a list of my favourite foods that are a fraction of the calories of their "full fat" cousins, and here they are

PB2 Peanut Butter

Reduce your calorie intake by at least 145 calories by swapping 2 tablespoons of PB2 with real peanut butter! This tastes remarkably similar to the real version and you can squash your peanut butter craving with PB2. The added bonus of increasing protein consumption by 15 calories makes it a worthwhile alternative

Queens Sugarfree Maple Syrup

Squirt a dollop of this on your favourite brekky, completely guilt free. Although the nutritional panel has it as 18 calories per serve, there are zero active calories. Compare that to 90 calories in your traditional maple syrup. I literally can't tell the difference between the two. The added bonus is that you're removing sugar from your diet, which is the arch nemesis of fat loss

Walden Farms Marinades

Perfect for the BBQ and zero calories. Compare that to the 70 calorie marinade you're currently using... It's a no brainer. The taste is indistinguishable too. Another replacement that removes sugar from your diet

Ayam Light Sweet Chilli Sauce

Another sauce with multiple many uses, that is zero active calories. I use it in stir frys, meat, sandwiches. Compared to the 70 calorie traditional version, and if you use as much sauce as I do, then it's a wise choice.

Slendier Angel Hair

This one is a game changer, although it has a caveat. This can reduce your meal by 200 calories or more, and give you the belly feeling of fullness, But... it has an odour and a texture that can be quite off putting! Here's my solution, after working with this ingredient for years. The Angel Hair pasta replaces vermicelli with amazing accuracy, when you use it in Vietnamese dishes... Nothing else. Think rice paper rolls, Viet salads, noodle bowls etc. There's something in the way the flavours combine that make it bearable. Anything else, YUCK. I urge you to give this one a go because it's a literal game changer when you do it properly


Simple swaps can help make your diet sustainable, and there are many solutions available on the market, the list is growing. Swapping these 5 ingredients will contribute to a 500 calorie reduction a day, and half a kilogram of weight loss per week. Worthwhile in my opinion

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