5 Negative Thoughts that are Stopping you Losing Fat

As you’ve probably noticed, the most difficult thing about fat loss is changing your negative attitude into a more positive thought process. Easier said than done, right?

Here are a few thoughts you may have had yourself and what you can do to banish the negativity and boost your fat loss:

  1. “I need to see immediate results!” It takes time to gain weight, and unfortunately, it also takes time to lose it.So if you’re expecting to see your abs after one hardcore workout session and three days of eating healthy, then you are going to be disappointed. What you should do instead is set yourself long term, realistic goals with little milestones in between. This way you can celebrate the small achievements along the way to reaching your final target.

  2. “I need to lose THIS much by NEXT WEEK, or I’ve failed!” So many people put so much pressure on themselves to lose weight for a special occasion, but the timeframe is often so unrealistic that they end up starving themselves and then quickly gaining weight after this deadline has passed. Try focusing on feeling fit, strong, and healthy and developing better eating habits. This is much better in the long term.

  3. “I should just admit defeat. I can’t do this!” Perhaps you feel like you’ve tried everything and keep failing. The problem is that you have probably only tried each fat loss method for a short amount of time, didn’t see results and gave up because you felt discouraged. Sound familiar? Try balancing out your cardio workouts with strength and interval training so that you don’t get bored and your muscles are challenged with each variety of workout.

  4. “I can’t spend time with HER – she’s a bad influence!” Stop passing the blame onto your best friend because she keeps inviting you out for dinner. You can make sensible choices in restaurants too, but maybe you just choose not to. It’s important to socialise with friends – you just need to tell them about your fat loss goals and get their support.

  5. “This is too embarrassing!” Whether this is eating your prepped food from a plastic tub at a party whilst everyone tucks into the buffet, or joining a Zumba class and discovering you have two left feet, feeling embarrassed can be part of losing weight. The best thing to do is not lose track of what’s important for you. Adopt a “can do” and “I don’t care what they think” attitude, and you’ll go far!

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