5 Reasons Why You Are Not Fit

1. You don’t know how to start.

Any person who has never been into a serious workout before would always think that running is the best exercise to start building a better and healthier body. This is somewhat a misconception, I should say. Running can be effective in losing weight or removing excess body fat. It improves your cardiovascular health, stamina and leg strength when done right. It is not simply just running for 5 minutes, resting for 10 minutes and taking pictures for most of the time. Real running is stretching for 1-2 minutes, running for the longest time (20-30 minutes) you possibly can and resting after it.

There is no best exercise to do. The best you can do is to decide what you really want for your body. Decide what really is your fitness goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t limit yourself to just running or dieting alone. You can start with resistance training or with body weight exercises. You only need to know the basics to start building a better, healthier and fitter body.

2. There’s no gym nearby.

This is not an excuse. You only need to have a little research on how to perform the most common and effective exercises. If you know someone who is experienced in physical fitness, you can ask that person as well. Keep in mind the basic moves you can do to be physically fit: push, pull and squat. It doesn’t matter how long you perform your workout in a day or how often you do it in a week. What matters is the intensity of your workout. Be efficient with every exercise that you perform. You don’t need an immediate overpriced gym membership or a professional personal trainer to make a good change for your health and fitness. From the first day of your workout, remember to never stop learning and trying new things.

3. You don’t have time.

Everything takes time. Time is one of the only few things that we can never stop or change. We can’t adjust it; we adjust to it. We don’t create it; we find it. We are all busy, that’s a given. An efficient 20 minutes of working out gets you a step closer to your fitness goal. You can spend your time checking your mobile phone, your social media account, watching a good movie or simply lying in bed for a few hours because it gives you pleasure. The good news is, you will learn to have pleasure with your workout too – experience is the best teacher.

4. You feel lazy and tired.

Everybody feels lazy and tired sometimes. Most of us, if not all, will just want to relax, sit in front of the TV or computer, eat our favorite food and drink anything we want. A sedentary lifestyle is what we would prefer. Then there comes illnesses that we don’t want at all. Nobody wants to be sick, right? It’s all up to you to either wait until the doctor tells you to look after your diet and start exercising or start now with your adventure to being fit and healthy. Everything is in your mind. You can do anything that your mind tells you to do. When your mind tells you that you’re tired, you stop. But when your mind tells you to continue in spite of what your body is telling you, that is when you control your mind and do great things – probably the things you’ve never done before.

5. You lack encouragement or motivation.

The real reason that you feel tired is you lack motivation or inspiration. Today, we are living in an internet-driven world. You can find almost anything and everything online. Facebook, which is the most common social networking site that you visit, will give you all the necessary information. There are individuals and groups there that can surely inspire you and motivate you to start living a healthy lifestyle. But I believe that the real motivation comes from yourself. How bad do you want it? What are you willing to try or discover for yourself? They say that fitness is not about being better than someone else. It is about being better than who you were before. If you want to be stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier than ever before, then start now!

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