5 Reasons Why You Should Try Small Group Training

Have you never exercised before? Or perhaps you train all the time but are still struggling to get the results that you want?

Did you know that only 2% of people working out achieve the results they want without a personal trainer?

No matter what your fitness goals, there’s no doubt that getting a personal trainer to help you is a fantastic way of boosting your motivation and helping you reach those targets. However, not everybody can afford a PT for one-one-one sessions.

That’s where Small Group Training comes in. Here are 5 reasons why you should try it:

  1. Save Money: Small group training lets you split the price of a personal training session between the rest of the group, so that you’re still getting the session that you want, but at a much cheaper price. This budget-friendly option means that you can train with the same high-quality personalized lessons, but also with the peace of mind that you’re not breaking the bank.

  2. Sessions Adapted for You:The high level of personalisation is what makes a PT session so appealing, right? Well, with a small group you can still gain all the training expertise on a personal level, supported by your peers and tailored towards you and your needs.

  3. Keeping it Interesting:Every class will be adapted to suit you, and therefore will grow and change as you do. Each session will be designed to challenge you in a variety of ways so that your body is constantly tested and therefore constantly improving. You will never get bored – a further guarantee that you will go further!

  4. No More Than 8 Others:Every small group training session is designed to make sure that you get enough valuable time with your personal trainer. With this in mind, you will never have to compete for attention with a room full of 35 people. A maximum of just 8 is allowed in one group.

  5. Group Support:Training with others that are on a similar fitness level to you and that have the same goals as you is a great way to boost your motivation. You can be each other’s training buddies and cheerleaders – and that makes you more successful and happier on your journey.

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