Are You Really Getting Enough Protein?

New research suggests that we may be significantly underestimating our need for protein.

Work that appeared in a recent issue of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolismsuggests that current recommendations for protein intake are less than you might actually need for optimum health and performance.

Worrying news indeed!

Traditional Protein Study Approach flawed

Those that conducted the study argued that the traditional approach to finding protein intake was flawed, and instead used brand new techniques to create updated estimates.

The conclusion they came to was that including more protein in your diet could actually help to optimise your health and physical performance.

The researchers went on to suggest that by including 25-35 grams of good quality protein in each meal you could potentially improve your muscular health and more easily maintain a healthy weight.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you’ll have to think of some ways to get more high quality protein into your weekly diet. Some suggestions include:

Meat – preferably grass fed and organic Fish – stay away from farmed salmon and ocean trout and think sardines or tinned wild Alaskan salmon Eggs – free range and organic Nuts and Seeds organic Protein Supplements (whey, rice or pea)

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