How to Increase my Chances of Hitting my Targets by 95%

When you set yourself a goal, the main aim is of course to achieve it. However, some goals take longer than others to achieve and sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. All you need to do however, is make sure that you are responsible for your own achievements: be open to help from other people and make sure that you have a clear target to reach.

Humans are made to have targets and these don’t just have to be related to health and fitness. They could be connected to anything from money management to your love life. Whatever it is that you want to change there are two things that can help you make those changes:

  1. Feeling a sense of responsibility for your actions

  2. Giving yourself an incentive to push you forward

When you use the power of social expectation, you are being held accountable for your actions. In other words, if you say out loud that you will do something, you’re more likely to do what you promised.When you say that you will send over a contract to a client by the end of the day,you’ll do it. Once the deadline which you have set yourself has been put out there, you’ll be motivated enough to get meet that deadline.

On the other hand, if you tell only yourself that you’re starting a new healthy eating plan, that you want to finish reading the complete works of Shakespeare by Christmas, or that you’ll hit the gym this week then you are less likely to actually do it.

Boost your Performance by Being Accountable

What Does the Research Say?

A recent study on accountability showed that you are 65% more likely to complete a goal if you commit to another person.

If you have a specific time scheduled with the person you’ve committed to, you will boost your chance of success by up to 95%.

What Can You Do?

If you really want to make a change in your life then you can get started straight away. Tell a friend, a partner, a close work colleague or even an online community about your target and keep them updated on your progress.

By publicly sharing your goals, you will be able to not only feel the sense of responsibility for your own progress, but you’ll also be encouraged by your supporters to keep going!

What you really want to find is someone who will continue to give you the encouragement that you need to succeed. Tell them what you would find the most useful piece of motivation and get them to help you keep on track.

Set an accountability schedule

Again, it’s easy to just think about doing something, but by writing down your achievements at regular intervals really allows you to stay on track. Meet up with your designated “motivator” if needs be and talk about your successes and failures so that you can look at areas for improvement.

Whatever your long-term target is, it’s always good to have a support team on hand- especially when it comes to health and fitness. This can be anyone from a personal trainer, to nutritional experts to friends and family.

Sign an Agreement to Show You’re Committed

Begin by deciding how you want to be held accountable. A lot of people love the idea of signing a contract to themselves. There are apps out there that can help you do this, or you can have a bit of fun drafting up a contract yourself!

All you need to do is to specify your target, establish a timeline in which to achieve it and put something on the line (meaning that you lose money for example if you don’t achieve your target – often this is motivation enough!)

You can even join an online community e.g. a Facebook group with members that are hoping to hit the same targets as you. Group support is really encouraging and you’ll love the backing that you get.

Make it Public

As we’ve already mentioned, stating your goal out loud or writing it down in a public forum means that you are instantly accountable for your goal. Stating your aim on social media, blogs, articles, or even posters around your own home means that your targets are visible to everybody. With this in mind, you’ll feel more responsible and continue to hit those targets.

By measuring your progress and announcing updates (for example developments in your fitness and health), then you will see just how quickly you can improve.

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