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Inside the Head of a Personal trainer: What are they Thinking?

It can be very intimidating to walk into a gym and find that all the staff, receptionists, cleaners and personal trainers, are ridiculously sculpted. Social media has prepared us to see “perfect” bodies and when your own “perfect” trainer is telling you to do one more push up (even when you feel like your arms are going to drop off), then it’s easy to hate them and difficult to imagine things from their perspective.

However, personal trainers in Chatswood will testify that they are just like everyone else. Can you believe it? No? Well, here’s what’s really going on in the head of your personal trainer:

  1. Whilst sharing training tips The PT is thinking: ‘Are you still listening to me, or are you just listening to the music?’

  2. When training someone super fit The PT is thinking: ‘This is AMAZING! I can challenge you with all my expert knowledge and use all kinds of equipment. In fact, let’s train together and see how we compare!’

  3. When training someone super unfit The PT is thinking: ‘Good for you for getting the motivation to train. Let’s do this!’

  4. When training yourself The PT is thinking: ‘I don’t want to be doing this right now. PTs don’t eat, sleep and breathe fitness, but I’d better keep going so that I can actually LOOK like a PT!’

  5. When giving nutrition advice The PT is thinking: ‘I feel like a hypocrite, but I’ll probably order a takeaway tonight.’

  6. When training someone with bad technique The PT is thinking: ‘Let’s focus on the positives so that you can still feel good at the end of your session.’

  7. When training someone overweight The PT is thinking: ‘It’s taken a lot of guts to come here and train. You’re stronger than you realise!’

  8. When someone that cancels ALL the time shows up for a 6am session The PT is thinking: ‘Looks like today is my lucky day. I’m buying a lottery ticket.’

  9. When you’ve got the day off The PT is thinking: ‘Netflix. Chill. Beer. Ice cream. Nap.’

And a little BONUS

What’s the best excuse you’ve heard from a client who has cancelled? ‘I’m still drunk.’

Well, it’s good to know not everyone is perfect!

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