Snap It: Progress Pics can Help you Lose Weight!

Can you believe it? Progress photos, selfies, and before and after pics can have a massive impact on how successful we are in losing weight. All this time I just thought it was narcissistic!

It might drive you crazy to go on Facebook and see someone “checking in” to their local gym, posting constant updates on how much they’re lifting, and displaying those posed gym selfies. Believe it or not research has shown that this is helping people hit their fitness and weight loss targets.

A new study tracked 2 groups of people and looked at the role of publicly committing to something and the use of online communities in relation to weight loss.The two groups studied in the research project were people who had lost weight through surgery, and those who had lost weight without surgery. Experts found that both groups, through making public announcements of both their wins and their failures contributed massively to the weight loss of the participants.

Researchers also found that people who shared their private information such as their goals, photos,measurements and progress in an online community helped with their motivation.

There are a number of weight loss groups online and finding a group that is right for you is a great way of beginning your weight loss journey. By posting your pictures and weight loss goals you are sharing with a bunch of like-minded people who also want to succeed.

The added benefit of sharing your weight loss or fitness successes is that people are encouraging – they’ll give you the boost that you need and you won’t want to let them down.

In addition to this, you will also be inspiring others to do the same. Posting your start weight and start picture might even encourage someone with a similar BMI or similar goals as you to get involved, and this will enhance the sense of unity too.

So, what are you waiting for? Set yourself some fitness and weight loss goals, take a few pics and get posting. You will be so pleased to look back at your “before” pics in a year’s time and see just how far you’ve come. Success is just around the corner.

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