Chatswood: Top 5 Benefits of Having A Personal Trainer

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chatswood: Top 5 Benefits of Having A Personal Trainer

Getting started on your fitness journey can be very scary. What do you do? Where do you begin? Well, booking some sessions with a personal trainer is a great start. You could be a complete newbie that needs help with every step, or a seasoned gym goer that simply needs a boost in your fitness regime.

Whatever your level of fitness or experience, here are the top 5 benefits that having a personal trainer can give you:

Get Motivated

When you’re training with someone (or if you know someone is watching you!) you’re more likely to push yourself. That’s why having a Personal Trainer is the ultimate motivation to keep training harder. Not only is your Personal Trainer a training partner, they are also the one that holds a lot of knowledge to keep educating your in a variety of training methods and pushing you to reach your goals.

Feel Responsible

Once you have committed to a workout with your trainer, you are less likely to back out. A great benefit of having a Personal Trainer to guide you through your sessions is their reliability and making it less likely for you to skip a session.

Personalized Programs

Every GOOD personal trainer understands that every individual is different. They will not offer a “one size fits all” training program, but will instead personalise each session so that you can see and feel progress. They will identify which areas need improving and which areas are positive. Ultimately, they will challenge and encourage you with their customised plans.

Get to Know the Equipment

If you have never used gym equipment before, your personal trainer is the right person to guide you through each technique. Whether this is an unknown machine, techniques with free weights, or various other pieces of equipment, a trainer will be able to educate you so that you can not only progress, but also practice with the correct form when training alone.

Assistance with Setting Reachable Targets

Maybe you’re not sure what is a realistic target to aim for, or don’t know whether to focus on strength building or maximising weight loss. A personal trainer in Chatswood will not only give you a realistic sense of what is achievable, but they will also evaluate your lifestyle and make the recommendations that you need to help you reach your fitness goals.

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