Chatswood: Top Five Things to Look for in a Personal Trainer

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Finding a personal trainer in Chatswood that can motivate you and yet put you at ease at the same time can be a challenge. It’s sad that at gyms across the globe, there are trainers that are treating their clients like rubbish just because they’re on an ego trip, or making them feel worthless by recreating military insults that better belong to a drill sergeant scene in Full Metal Jacket.

Choosing the right trainer for you is an essential part of getting started on your fitness journey, so here are five things you need to look for in order to be successful:

  1. They need to be patient A patient trainer is a good trainer. Part of the job of a Personal Trainer is to evaluate the client’s needs and truly understand what motivates them. Not only does this mean that they can personalise a session to suit every individual, but it also means that they understand clients that improve at different speeds. A trainer should enjoy encouraging, but not bullying clients into pushing themselves to get the results they want.

  2. They need to be able to communicate If your trainer isn’t available or if you can’t attend a session for personal reasons, it is essential to communicate with him or her. By communicating with each other, you can get the support that you need from your trainer, and if you want to know why you are training a certain way – ask! A trainer has put together the plan FOR YOU, so they will certainly be able to explain the reason behind the method.

  3. They should always be professional Professionalism is very important in a personal trainer including the way they dress, the way they act, and the way they share their knowledge with you. Although it is nice to feel like your training with a friend, it is more important to have a trainer-client relationship that has friendly professionalism.

  4. They should be qualified You should be able to see proof that your trainer is qualified to give you advice specific to their area of expertise. Some may specialise in nutrition, physiotherapy and a number of other disciplines. Ask to see certificates of these so that you know you are in good hands. It is also important to note that a good trainer is always learning. There are always so many developments in the fitness industry, it is encouraging to know that your trainer is keeping up to date with all the latest practices.

  5. They should make you feel comfortable You are putting your life and health in your trainer’s hands. Therefore, it is essential that you feel comfortable with your Chatswood personal trainer. If you are a woman and only feel comfortable with female trainers, you can use various search tools to filter your results and find a trainer that suits you in terms of gender, areas of expertise, location…and then you can establish the all-important trust needed for a PT session.

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