Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eats in Chatswood

If you work or live in Chatswood, then you will know the struggle it is to get a healthy meal, amongst the delicious asian inspired eateries. There’s no denying that Chatswood has some of the best places to eat in Sydney, but If you are watching your waistline, or you want to feel healthy, then it’s quite a challenge to grab a bite! Hopefully this list will solve your problem! Here are the healthiest places to eat, as chosen by Nutritionists and Naturopaths

Top Juice

I just love this place and have been to many of their outlets. I just love their yoghurt and will always keep coming back for it. Its just the perfect consistency and with really delicious toppings – I especially like the fresh salad. The portion is quite good and one can really be satisfied with the smallest size.

Top Juice is on the Bottom Level of Westfield, and there is a new location in the food court of Chatswood Chase 

Stone & Peel

Located underneath the train station, this place serves nothing but health conscious food. Admittedly, it’s a tad overpriced, but you can rest assured that you will be getting something that’s gentle on your waistline. The peanut butter milkshake or the muesli are the best things there

Stone & Peel is located at Chatswood Interchange, right outside the entrance of the station

FruitEzy Westfield

This fruit and veg green grocer seems like any old overpriced market from the outside. The trick is to take a look in the fridge at the fresh salads… You will be amazed at the variety and quality of the salads, at a reasonable price! Fresh ingredients, no preservatives, no junk… My personal favourite is the Pomegranate and Almond Salad, and our naturopath loves the moroccan salad

FruitEzy is located at the bottom level of Westfield, close to target and hawkers lane

Banana Blossom

Finally banana blossom opened in Chatswood to provide that refreshing healthy choice for lunch. Every salad is super delicious! Their portions are huge and worth every dollar! The food comes out instantly and everything in the salad is fresh! Our favourite salad is the “coconut” a must try!

Banana Blossom is located at the ground floor of Westfield Chatswood, near Hawkers Lane

An honourable mention must go to the freezer section of Coles and their Wellness Bowl. A frozen meal made from wholefoods and decent ingredients, ideal as a quick lunch at the office desk.

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