Weight Loss For Diabetics – Lose Weight Safely

Many diabetics are overweight. This is no coincidence, overweight people are bound to have blood sugar problems if they remain overweight for a period of time. Weight loss for diabetics is the primary goal to get control of a diabetics blood sugar levels.

Whether you are type 1 or 2 you can get control over your diabetes just by losing 5 to 10 % of your body weight. Even if you only lost 5 to 10 lbs you could see a drop in your blood sugar levels. Being overweight and not eating healthy will have a negative impact on your blood sugar.

Choosing to eat healthy foods is important for anybody’s diet but for a diabetic it is even more important. Diabetic complications can be life threatening so eating right and losing some weight to control or postpone your diabetes should be on top of your list.

When you decide to take action and find a healthy weight loss for diabetics program your goal should be able to lose weight while keeping your blood sugar levels in the normal range so you do not have to take as much medication. A good weight loss diet for diabetics allows you to lose the weight that contributes to the very health problems that you are facing now.

A good starting point to all those with diabetes is to take a look at the food pyramid at the American Diabetes Association website.

A weight loss for diabetics diet should be low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and simple sugars. You should be eating green leafy vegetables and fruits in moderation due to the high sugar and starch contents. And incorporate plenty of whole grains high in fiber.

Also a weight loss program for diabetics needs to incorporate protein from lean sources that are high in omega 3 such as fish.

As type 2 diabetes rapidly increases with the current rate of obesity, weight loss for diabetics is becoming something that many diabetics need to be looking into. It is especially important for diabetics to learn to control blood sugar levels by effectively losing weight. Start your losing the weight today that may have you off insulin in time and free up your life.

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